•   Hall Ticket should be kept safe till the end of Semester Examinations. Candidates are not permitted to enter the Examination Hall without the Hall Ticket.
  •   Candidates should produce the Hall Ticket on demand by the Invigilator, Chief Superintendent or any other Competent Authority.
  •   Admission to the Examination is Provisional.
  •   Hall Ticket is issued subject to the candidates satisfying the Attendance and other requirement as per Rules, Regulations and Instructions issued by the Institution from time to time. If later, it is found that the candidate fails to comply with the above requirements, the Examinations taken up the candidate will stand cancelled.
  •   Candidates cannot enter the Examination Hall after 30 minutes from the commencement of the Examination and cannot leave the Examination Hall before the expiry of 30 minutes.
  •   Candidates should write their Register Number on the Question Paper immediately after Question Paper is received. Candidates should ensure that they have entered the correct Register Number in the Answer Sheet as in Hall Ticket.
  •   Candidates are prohibited from having any transaction or exchange of Calculator with other Candidates inside the Hall.
  •   Candidates are permitted to use only Non-Programmable Calculators.
  •   Programmable Calculator, Mobile Phones, Smart Watch, Pagers, Laptop Computers, Palmtop Computers and Digital Diary are Strictly Prohibited inside the Examination Hall.
  •   Candidates are liable for punishment if they make any Marking Write anything in Answer Book or Additional Sheets, which can be construed as an attempt to reveal their identity to the Examiner.
  •   Candidates found guilty of using unfair means of any nature will be booked for Malpractice and has to face the Enquiry Committee.
  •   Candidates suffering from infectious diseases have to inform Chief Superintendent in advance, who will make special arrangements for such candidates to take up Examination.
  •   Candidates should put all their belongings inside the respective Examination Hall prior to the Examination any loss will not be entertained.
  •   Candidate in case of any emergency or sickness has to inform the respective Hall Invigilator who will provide an assistant to go out and come back.
  I agree that I have read the instruction completely and carefully.